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Once Upon A Time-Xander/Dawn Friendship H/C Drabbley type thing

Sooo, this little bundle o' joy came I'm pretty sure from lack of sleep, some really happy music and my sadism. Very interesting.
Little bit of Xander/Dawn friendship kinda thing with the whole H/C thing going on...Also character death, general evilness and a twisted sense of humor on my part. ^.^ Its set right after Buffy dies really.

Dawn looked up at Xander with liquid, dark eyes that begged him to make the world right.
Xander knew, without a doubt that the world never would be right again, not seeing that beautiful, bright body fall through a swirling mess of light to hit the ground like a broken doll with eyes forever dulled by death.
He sighed. "Once upon a time there was a hellmouth, and the people on it lived in ignorance of the dark things that go bump in the night because they wanted to, because the world was so much better if you played pretend. There's no such thing as the monster under the bed, no such thing as creatures that want to hurt and kill you as long as you stay in the light. There were also some that knew about the bad things that liked to hurt people, and they knew that they had to fight, to be hurt and bleed to make sure all the others stayed in the light and pretended everything was ok. Some had no choice, they had to touch the dark, fight it and eventually be overwhelmed by it because they were Special, were Chosen. Even rarer were people that knew about the dark and fought because They chose to, not because they were forced into the dark by a power given to them. It was scary, and dark because they didn't have a special calling, they did it because they knew it was the right thing to do, and to protect the people they loved."
Xander smiled at the distraught girl and soothed her as she cried great wrenching sobs into his lap. Quietly he turned off the light as his smile became wider somehow, the moonlight gleaming off his fangs.
"Some people are taken by the dark they fought for so long, and the dark they knew they had hidden in themselves clings to it as they learn that maybe the dark isn't such a bad thing. It can even be...intoxicating"
She watched in disbelief and fear- and such exquisite, torturous pain-as Xander took her hand,slowly breaking her index finger before moving on to the next.
"Ohh Dawnie, such a pretty girl, scream for me?"Xander purred," Like a bird in a trap, poor broken winged bird,  all pumping blood with such delicate bones. " He almost sing-songed on the last of sentence.
Dawn yelped with the pain, and sobbed even harder, with great shuddering breaths that obviously weren't giving her the oxygen she needed, looking so beautiful, all broken and betrayed. She would never be the same again, with that lost  look in her eyes. There really was no such thing as Santa Claus, Virginia. There was no White Knight to rescue her; no sister, no mother, no-one would come in time.

Xander knew, without a doubt that the world would never be right again, and being such a kind friend, he was going to make sure Dawn never had to face such a thing....ever.....again.

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    I forgot to add Zombies. Zombies Are Freaking SCARY

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