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 Hmmmm, no posting in quite awhile. Guess its cuz I'm not exactly open with my life, even to my family. To make sure anyone actually reading this gets it [someone reads this??? Amazing!] my  mother once asked me in exasperation "Do you breathe??" and my reply was "Possibly" Its incredibly annoying-I live to be contrary. I don't even know why, but something just drives me to prove somebody wrong, even if I DO have to cut my nose off to spite my face. XD
Annnyway, can I just say that snow sucks to shovel and drive in??? 7 inches of it dammit!!! I had to drive home in it AND stop at the bank!!!! Ick. And more on the way for tonight. I can stand it being 0 degrees out, I can stand 50mph winds when a storm hits but I absolutely HATE more than a foot of snow or a freaking ICE STORM! Since I live in the boonies ::cough::Bumfuck, Nowhere:::cough:: this means no electricity and really really shitty roads till the plows eventually reach us. Not to mention no horseback riding since the snow's too deep to go ;__;  No fair.
Of course, fair is an elitist concept at best, a totally lucrid concept taught to children in an attempt to keep them from the harsh realities of life at worst. Which is why I never plan on being a parent, since I'd probably fuck the poor little thing up even worse than I was when I grew up. 
I do like living in the country though, since trees are prettier than skyscrapers and smog. 
Obama claims to have the experience to be President. BIg whoop for him. If he'd stop dithering and make a stand on what he believes I might take him seriously. Clinton's old lady may be a bitch but at least she's a tough one. I mean come on every President we've had lately is a pushover or a complete and utter bloody MORON!
I can't wait to leave but I'm kinda scared to leave, which is an irritating conundrum. Go Air Force ::waves banner limply:: I just want to get out and explore, but I better have internet access or I'll go freaking insane.

Hehehe, I'm addicted ^_^ ::waves::

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    The Patriots lost. :::totally crushed:: They LOST!!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ::bursts into tears:::

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    I forgot to add Zombies. Zombies Are Freaking SCARY

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