Slytherin Be Bad


You scored as Male. Being mostly male, within your structures of thinking simply means that your reasoning powers are (the way they are perceived in Western Culture`) higher than the one of the opposite sex. Psychoanalsis claims this to come at the price of creative expression - a rational thinker can not think out of the box, it is claimed. Yet this 'discovery' contradicts the fact that many great minds that created something out of the ordinary were men.










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Slytherin Be Bad


Sooooooooooo, for news, my car still isn't registered, due to owing money at the My brother is still here on leave but will be leaving Tuesday. Thank GOD. I love my brother, I have no choice; but my god is he an ASS! Love my brother, hate his personality. If you can call it that. Annnnyway, yah, I need to renew my subscription to WOW, but can't right now, which is also why I'm actually posting this. I forgot I even had an LJ till I found the community Evil Onnas...then I joined happily. Yay ....I MUST play WOW! ::chews fingernails and rocks back and forth:: Withdrawal ;)
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Slytherin Be Bad

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Angels from the realms of Sexy Bishounen,
Wing your flight over all the earth.

Angels From The Realms Of Glory
from the Christmas Song Generator.

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Do not falter, little donkey,
There's a star ahead.
It will guide you, little donkey,
To a Sexy Bishounen.

Little Donkey
from the Christmas Song Generator.

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The First Sexy Bishounen
The angels did say
Was to certain poor shepherds
In fields as they lay.

The First Noel
from the Christmas Song Generator.

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