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Random Tangents


3 September
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  • Kirakit8790
I really hate these. I do. ::sigh:: Ok, I'm 17, short, blond[occassionally a capital 'B'] and pretty much insane. FEAR ME ::snort:: But yeah, just catch me on a good day, you'll be fine. No sudden movements, bring food, good. ^)^ My friends are nuts too, including the one who's having me do this. She just tickled me for that. But I have to do this cuz I like to comment on her name ^__^; They're not really that bad.....ok maybe they are......ok...ignore this part. ::shrug:: My animals are nuts too. Sky does tend to attack from the air, kit will climb on you, they're all birds, and I have 1 donkey[My brother...a jackass...yeah] Puppy too, but his[Poor thing] Birdies are a total of 5..hurt them and I gut you. That's about it. ^_^ Have a nice day.